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Sponsor Dogs are dogs that cannot be shown for adoption or placed in a home for one of several reasons which you can read about in each of their detailed information pages. Some of our dogs have been in severely abusive situations and are not able to adjust to new environments, and others have serious illnesses which require expensive medical treatment to keep them as comfortable as possible.

We here at Pooch Heaven do not believe in "destroying" a dog just because they were mistreated by a previous owner or because of expense. We go to great lengths to create the best possible environment for these dogs, made possible by generous & caring people, like you. We receive no government funds for the extraordinary work that we do, we do these amazing rescues out of our love for the animals and also do our part to prevent greater overpopulation of dogs by spaying and neutering all of our dogs - even these sponsor dogs. 

Since these dogs cannot be placed into new homes, we must provide them with food, housing, medical treatment, love and everything a dog needs to live a wonderful, healthy and happy life. To help offset these costs we rely on sponsors - someone who will make a long-term financial commitment to help us take care of them. 

 If you decide to provide a sponsorship for one of these truly wonderful animals your name will be placed under your sponsored dog on this page and, we will be sure to keep you updated on their lives and help you foster a relationship with your sponsor dog. If you choose not to sponsor a dog, please see our donations page for other options.

Meet The Dogs Who Would Love To Be Sponsored

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